jekyllbeach_bikeJekyll Island features some of the most accessible, open, unspoiled and uncrowded beaches along the Atlantic coastline. Few visitors venture along the northern and southern stretches of beach, while the beach front hotels and popular beach accesses situated in the middle of the island mark that section of beach as the most frequented. Even so, “crowded” is the wrong term to describe any stretch of Jekyll’s beach at most any time of the day or year.

As to the quality of the beach, Jekyll cannot claim the whitest sand, bluest water or best sea-shell hunting. Yet the wide expanses of sand along much of the beach front, plentiful sea shells, and absence of high-rise hotels or condos provide an unmatched peaceful and serene coastal experience.

In addition, biking is allowed on the beach, and bike rentals of all types are available. Dolphins are frequently spotted near the shore. At certain places, low tides reveal sandbars that stretch far out into the ocean. And for those interested in house rentals, a number of houses fronting the beach or a short distance away are available for rental.

All in all, a more relaxing, family-friendly beach experience than that offered by Jekyll is hard to find.