A number of excellent hotels are located on Jekyll Island, most either adjacent to the beach or within a short walk. Prices vary based on the hotel’s age and condition, features and amenities, island location, time of the year, and direction of the room (rooms facing East, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, command a premium).

club_hotelThe early-20th century vintage Jekyll Island Club Hotel is the landmark hotel on the island, a modernized, luxury legacy of the Jekyll Island Club where America’s millionaires of the late 19th and early 20th centuries owned magnificent vacation homes. Located on the river side of the island and surrounded by the historic club village and natural wonders, the Club Hotel has been rated among the best hotels in the world. Guests enjoy luxurious accommodations, fine dining and outstanding service in this most exclusive of lodgings on the island.


hampton_innThe Hampton Inn & Suites is a newly-constructed beach front property located on the south side of the island near a wooded picnic area. The nearby beach is expansive and uncrowded for most of the year. As one of the newer and more upscale properties on the island, daily rates are higher than most other properties (with the exception of the Club Hotel). As is the case with all other hotel properties, the island’s network of bicycle trails is adjacent to the property.


days_innThe Days Inn & Suites is a beach front property located on the south side of the island, not far from the center of the island’s commercial district and a newly-constructed conference center. The rooms are nice and breakfast is included in the room rate. A large commons area with exceptional ocean views overlooks the ocean. Featuring an expansive lawn and adjacent to a wide, long, sandy stretch of beach, the Days Inn is an excellent choice for families visiting the island on a budget. Prices begin at less than $100 a night.



The Oceanside oceansideInn & Suites is an older beach front property located on the north side of the island and featuring an expansive lawn and unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. The furnishings and furniture, while not the newest on the island, are adequate. Breakfast is not included in the room rate, but there is a nice restaurant adjacent to the property. The Oceanside has become my preferred place to stay on the island in recent years, due to reasonable rates (starting at less than $100 a night), easy and quick beach access, the inviting lawn (the Adirondack chairs are a nice touch) and great ocean views (many weddings are conducted on the property, for these very reasons), relative quick access to Driftwood Beach, and the simple quietness of the place. The 2011 movie X-Men: First Class was filmed not far from the hotel.


beachview_clubThe Beachview Club Hotel is a beach front property located on the north side of the island and featuring thirty eight “beautifully appointed” rooms, most of which overlook the ocean. Accommodations range from very nice to luxury, with prices reflective of the package one chooses. Majestic oaks shade the property. Rooms are similar to a condo or an apartment and include kitchen facilities. A nice restaurant is adjacent. In addition to typical vacationers, Beachview attracts corporate groups, wedding parties and family reunions. Starting prices are in the $100 plus range for most of the year.



quality_innThe Quality Inn & Suites is an older property located on the north side of the island and a short stroll from the beach. One of the least expensive hotel properties on the island, it features good-sized rooms and a nice breakfast bar (included in the room rate), making the Quality Inn a favorite of “snow birds” from up North who spend part of their winter months on the island. Prices start at under $100 per night.

I’ve stayed in most of the hotel properties on the island (and am familiar with all). Visitors seeking the finest accommodations will want to consider the Club Hotel, Beachview  Club, or Hampton. For those vacationing on a budget, the Days Inn, Oceanside, and Quality Inn are the best bets. History buffs and visitors interested in fine dining should consider the Club Hotel. Also, I recommend a stop at the island Visitor’s Center, located on the causeway, in order to browse the current hotel specials via rack cards.

Regardless of where you stay, Jekyll Island is a an excellent vacation destination.

Notes: Jekyll Island Club Hotel photo copyright Bruce Gourley. All other photos are from property websites.